About Us

At Uncie (Un-key) Clothing, we provide a unique way to keep your memories close. This family run business based in South Wales, UK takes quality fashion items and embroiders them with the stories that make life special!

What do we embroider?
Your most cherished memories can now be brought to life through embroidery. Whether it’s a favorite photo you adore or your child's masterpiece, we've got the perfect way to make that special moment last even longer-- and in stunning detail! Not sure if the quality of your picture is adequate for our outliners to work with? Don't worry, just shoot us an email and we'll let you know. 

Examples of the work we do can be seen on our website, if you'd like something different and don't see an example on our website, please email us first before ordering. 

No faces
Our embroidery designs are all about celebrating and enhancing your original features, so instead of capturing a face in detail we highlight the special marks that make you unique - from beards to beauty spots and glasses. So let us know what details would make it extra special by leaving a comment when you order.

Children’s drawings

At Uncie, we're passionate about bringing your child's creativity to life! That said, some drawings don't translate as well in embroidery. To make sure you get the best possible result from their masterpiece, please send us a photo beforehand—we promise it'll be worth it!

Our inspiration

When we lost a beloved family member (known affectionately as Uncie), we had a greater appreciation for the memories that kept his spirit alive. Every photo of him became like a priceless gem to be treasured and held close. To honour those precious moments in time, we wanted an extra special way to keep them around forever - enter embroidered art! From photos capturing family holidays or pets you love, to your children's drawings immortalised on clothing; twinning never looked cooler than when wearing something with meaning. Celebrate life’s beautiful memories today through the power of stitch-work!


When it comes to clothes, we understand that you don't just want something fashionable - you need comfort as well. That's why when selecting our garments, we went straight to the source – literally feeling each fabric for its quality and softness so no one has to sacrifice style or coziness!

We value inclusivity and understand how frustrating it can be when certain sizes are not available. That's why we do our best to offer a wide selection of items, across all sizes. If you're having trouble finding your size don't hesitate to email us.

What does size to fit or half chest mean?
Some items are "To Fit" and some are "Half Chest" sizes. The "To Fit" sizes will be smaller as they are actual body measurements whereas the "Half Chest" size are the garment's actual measurements. We highly recommend measuring before ordering rather than relying on the standar sizing listed.

With a vast array of colors to choose from, our fabrics and threads can bring your creative vision to life. But if you don't find the hue you're looking for, never fear! Reach out and we'll do our best to track it down - just another way that together, we make magic happen.

Fashion should be genderless
Embrace fashion without boundaries and make it your own! Pick an item based on how you think it looks best, regardless of gender. We list sizes in the description so you can get pieces that fit perfectly or go larger for more relaxed vibes. Due to the cut of some clothing, we do list some items as masculine or feminine but our mission is to offer clothing options free from predetermined categories- allowing everyone to find their individual style with ease!